Large Acrylic on Paper

Continuing the  multi-panel narratives, I decided to explore a more cinematographic style on a single sheet of paper. The viewer is urged to create associations from their own experience.

2005 Works on Full-Size

2005 - 2006 Israel Series

2006 Fairy Tale Series

2006 Roots Series

2007 Self-Portrait


2009 Bad Bunny

2010 Little Red Womanhood

2010 Nature’s Healing

2011 The Scroll Paintings

The Scroll Paintings began with an invitation to show at the Harold Washington Library whose display case is perfect for large works. I created a multi-layered image for each scroll which has a large natural setting above, and a symbolic narrative of an event in my life that relates to the Hebrew text from the Torah below it. The natural setting at the top expresses the emotional meaning of the painting. The Scrolls should be read from right to left as the text is read in Hebrew. They are entitled The Scroll Paintings not only because they can be rolled up but also because the Torah itself is a scroll and is considered a sacred object.