Acrylic on wood

After working on full sheets of paper for three years, I wanted to realize my work on a self contained surface – frame and painting in one. I began UrPapa as an experiment with wood and continue this through now.





2008 and 2009 Eshet Chayil: Woman of Valor Series


In this series, the Tree panel represents the women’s aspirations, while the companion panel shows their hard-working lives. Idealism versus drudgery.

Shifting, shifting powers

This series describes the delicate seesaw of power between couples. The four panels represent  the awkward recognition that power
has no heft where relationships
are concerned.

King Sad

A comment on the modern professional person’s life which is inextricably bound to their work. In this series, I let the curator direct the narrative. The reading of the narrative is affected by the curator’s order of the panels.

With This Ring

A depiction of the blessing for mar-riage in the Jewish tradition. Panel 1 “You are sanctified unto to me” shows her hallowed position in his eyes. Panel two “By the laws of Moses and the people of Israel”. The arid lands of the girl’s single life move to the lush life which their union promises.

Eshet Chayil:

Based on excerpted lines from the Biblical poem Woman of Valor. “Who Shall Find?” shows her illuminated from within. “She does him good not evil” a reminder to the man that she means well. “Envisions a field and buys it”, as the sun sets, she does not stop but toils on as the bread of laziness is not far off... “Belts her hips” is the international symbol for all women’s strength. “Extends her palms” shows her actively finding food for others. “She fears not snow...”,  she knits protection and love for her family’s life journey. ”Strength and bravery” shows an early Israeli settler, draining the swamps, fighting the British, smoking till her last days. “Give her the fruits of her labors...” takes place in an imagined Eden in the north of Israel, as the now unsteady yet still proud figure of the aging woman comes through the “gates”.

2010 Morrigan Series


In the Irish mythological tradition, Morrigan was the goddess of death and destruction. Here I depict her as actively destroying the peace of a pastoral afternoon. In the next frame, she plunges towards her own demise. Finally she is still heard from the grave while her victim spreads spring and renewal.

Doors Series

Doors Open Onto Doors

We wander into situations that lead us into mystery. What does the future hold? What traps does the familiar hold for us?

The Stone Project

The Stone Project

I collect stones from all my travels, so that in seconds I can be transported to those places from home. I sent out an e-mail to twenty international artists that I respected – both as artists and as friends, requesting them to send me a stone which was meaningful to them in some way. Most of the artists I found online through artmesh, an artists’ networking site. The stones arrived from Croatia, Sweden, France, Australia, Japan, Norway, Iceland, Scotland, etc.

I created a stained wood panel on which I embedded the stone and then I painted a symbolic narrative about the artist. And so, each stone becomes stood for the friendship with the person.

In the next part of the project, each artist sent me a representative work which they had made. In the installation, a huge world map floating above the twenty wood panel pieces, will have strings which lead the eye from the countries of origin of the stones and the artists down to their artwork, which hung next to my wood panel.

Nearing fifty, I turned to some Israeli women poets to help me express my the changes in my life. As a native Israeli I felt that these women would best express my disequilibrium. Their words have a universality that resonates to anyone who wonders who they are and what may be next.

This commissioned project by the Sabes Gallery, gave me an opportunity to study Torah portions that I only knew in passing. The two themes which I chose have dream depictions which push the narrative into decisive actions. I have chosen to depict them from both from the male standpoint and the less imagined female standpoint.

This Commission by the Institute for Advanced Hindsight wanted the artist to express behavioral self-restraint. I chose to create two panels which exemplify the extremes of self-restraint. I illustrate the “Success: Goals Met” panel by including love (dancing couple), professional (woman with Birkin Bag), spare time (vacationer), and financial (man leaning on ancient art). I also illustrate the Ulysses Contract, whereby you relinquish all self-control to meet a goal. In “Failure: Burden of Regret,” I attempt to create a Hell where the hapless strive and fail endlessly. A case of money mismanagement, next to a fellow who struggles to carry a ladder full of unspecified regrets. A media-addicted woman and behind her the calorie enslaved. Squeezed between her and the money addict is the Orthodox zealot, which can be replaced with any religious zealotry.

2011 Israeli Women Poets Series

2012 Biblical Dream Series

2012 Restraint Series