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Collaboration with Paul Bloomer


Horizontals 20” x 15”

Verticals 15” x 23”


Some Instagram friends went to Wool Week in Shetland and took lovely pictures of their travels amongst which was a wool shop with beautiful artwork hanging on the wall. I enquired about the artist and found that  although not a Shetland native, Paul Bloomer lives and breathes the island. A multitalented artist, equally skilled in painting, drawing, etching and woodblock printing, to name a few of his media, Paul is also a naturalist and avid hiker. We began a lively correspondence, traded prints, and then Paul suggested this collaboration where he chose the word Wall to which we both responded with woodblock prints of the same size. (I mistyped it to Walk and that made a second word). I suggested Touch and Paul suggested the Hebrew word for Spirit or Wind, Ruach. We worked in isolation and only when my prints arrived printed up on a sheet, did Paul see the imagery which he then printed on the same sheet. The horizontal versions have my prints on the right and the verticals my prints are on top. We think this collaboration will be ongoing. Paul’s work can be seen at


Collab_2019_Walk m.jpg

Ruach (Spirit or Wind)

 Collab_2019_Ruach s.jpg


Collab_2019_Wall m.jpg
Collab_2019_Touch s.jpg


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