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Eve 2017

Each print 8" x 10", one edition

Book size 9" x 11", opens to 36” x 9”


This book celebrates the universal story Eve, the first woman. During my reading of the biblical story,I found resonance with many issues women face today. These include, lack of choices, too many choices, placing trust in some people and misplacing trust in others. Eve endures forcible actions yet wrongly shoulders the blame. 


Eve emerges from Adam’s rib off-balance and unsure of her surroundings yet, she expected to function as Adam’s perfect mate. She is surrounded by a world of lush green, fruitful gardens, teeming with animals and captivating waters. Yet, despite this bounty, Adam greets her with suspicion and fear as she reaches out to him. 


Her explorations of the garden draw her to the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. She is warned of its mortal danger, but Eve is mesmerized by the possibility of full knowledge. Seeing her curiosity, the snake ensnares her legs while whispering comforts in her ear and pushes her into the tree. She immediately realizes that touching the tree does not cause her death. The snake charms her into trying the ripe, sweet and fragrant figs, thus flinging Eve into a decisive and climactic trespass.


Eve, excited by both the taste of the fruit and the knowledge she possesses, convinces Adam to transgress as well. God immediately notices the couple as they cover their nakedness. When God asks Adam about his sudden modesty, Adam blames Eve for their misadventure.


God forever banishes them from Eden for breaking his mandate. They are escorted out of Eden by the Angel in great haste and into fear of an unknown world.  

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