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4" x 5", opens to 65"

Edition of three books

This book was inspired by the nightmare of October 7, 2023 perpetrated by Hamas terrorists who flooded into Israel for the singular purpose of killing, dismembering, raping and taking innocent Israeli hostages. The Israelis have not been seen or heard from ever since despite pleas from humanitarian organizations. The few released hostages have given accounts of a depraved captivity where they are starved, tortured and raped. They are kept in abject conditions and often moved from dark tunnel to dark room. This book is made to keep their plight alive in our minds and to hasten their release. 

The word Hostages appears in English and on the back in Hebrew, it is obscured by bars. It can be "read in English or Hebrew.

The woodblock prints are printed as reduction cuts.

1 Hostages_EnglishCover_©2023
1a Hostages_Hebrew Cover_©2023.jpg
2 Crawl_©2023.jpg
10 Hostages Accordian Open _©2023.jpg
8 Old Woman_©2023.jpg
6 Child_©2023.jpg
3 Rape_©2023.jpg
8 Arm_©2023.jpg
9 Baby_©2023 .jpg
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