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Oil Paintings 1988- 1995

After graduating from the University of Michigan School of Art, I worked CNA Insurance Companies as a graphic designer for many years. One of their type suppliers gave me free space in their enormous shop where I could paint in oils and not worry about making a mess. 

Cold Winds 1995

37” x 48”


Starting as friends and ending as enemies, the cold winds that blow between them only heighten their enmity

Kitchen Theater 1995

39” x 57”


Never a better time to play out our traditional family roles than while making a meal for the family.

Broken Flower 1995


The empty bowl and the hapless man, the broken flower and the kneeling woman. All products of misfortune and lack of connections. 

Provenance/Paradigm 1993

39” x 51”


Then little baby chick that becomes the kapores chicken. The little girl that becomes a woman. What is a precious diversion, can later, become a burden which impedes our forward progress.

Red River 1993

57” x 43” 

The blood that binds all us women; virgins, post-partum, the innocent and those that carry burdens of shame.

Leap 1993  

43” x 57”

She fearlessly leaps forward to the great untrodden future.

No Strings Attached 1992  

54” x37"


She laughingly releases her hold on

the past as the lush plant swallows the man tenuously holding on to all his childish baggage.

Simchat Torah 1992

33” x 48”

Here the three ages of man are shown relating to Torah. The young man cannot grasp it. The middle-aged man confidently carries two, the old man leans on it for support.

Secrets 1992

51”x 34”

She eagerly spills the secrets drenching her husband in shame as her friend gleans the goodies.

The Wall 1990

25” x38”


Hiding behind a wall of his own devising, her attempts at reaching around it are for naught.

The Taker 1989

29” x36”


Misshapen from youth, she has gotten used to her helplessness which has slowly turned into gross abuse of her elder mother.

Apollo and Daphne 1991

47” x 33”

Apollo finally reaches Daphne just as she begins her transformation to a tree. Daphne is frozen in disbelief as she realizes how her father saves her from Apollo’s reach.

Swimmer 1990

14” x 62”


The excitement, the frenzy, the calm and the zen of this exercise.

Moment 1989

43” x 22”
Youthful self-portrait

Fountain of Youth 1988

30" x 40"
A decrepit pool, unused and algae ridden sets the symmetry for this aging community of retirees.

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