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Tehilim:Homage to Spinoza 2018

Each print 7.5" x 10.25'

Large print 28.5" x 26"

Baruch Spinoza enabled Jews to analytically approach Judaic texts. His genius was a practice of close reading and parsing meaning rather than accepting the texts as facts. Through his rigorous analysis, Spinoza opened the door for modern Judaism, including Conservative and Reform interpretations, and most importantly for me, allowing women to undertake study of Torah and text.


In this spirit, I have interpreted seven psalms which symbolize the cycle of life. Starting from the top right is Psalm 104:  Beginning, God’s creation of a wonderous earth rich in water and fruit; top left Psalm18: Hope, as God helps those that believe and have “Clean Hands” ; middle left Psalm 6: Fear Asking for God’s Mercy as one goes through hardship; middle center Psalm 45: Gratitude in God’s greatness and abundance; middle right Psalm 12: Evil of Man and the suffering it causes; bottom left Psalm 92 Peace of Shabat and the promise of vigorous life; bottom right Psalm 131  Humility and the need to stay modest in our aspirations.

Also available as individual prints.

You Bring Forth Springs Between Mountains

My Being is Stricken With Terror

Men Speak Lies One to Another

You Draw Me From Mighty Waters


In Old Age They Are Fruitful


God's Greatness Cannot Be Fathomed

My Heart Is Not Proud

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