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Mi Yodeah (Who Knows?) 2017
Each print 8" x 11"

The song “Who Knows?” (Mi Yodeah in Hebrew), is one of the last sung in a traditional Passover seder (a ritual meal of prayers, songs and discussion celebrating the freedom of the Jews from slavery). In this series of prints inspired by the song, I have assigned a botanical element to thirteen important tenets of Judaism each of which is a cumulative stanza in the song. The song is fun and but still imparts lessons for the children and adults at the table. 

Luchot Habrit (Two Tablets
of the Covenant)


Chumshei Torah (Five Books
of Torah)

Unidentified seedpod

Mi Yodeah? (Who Knows?)

Clivia seeds

Avot (Three are the Fathers; Abraham,

Isaac and Jacob)

Spathiphyllum bloom 

Sidrei Mishna (Six Volumes
of Mishnah)

Hibiscus seed pod

Eloheinu (One God)

Clematis Seed

Imahot (Four Mothers; Sarah Rebeccah, Rachel and Leah)

Phalaenopsis orchid

Yemei Shavtah (Seven days
of the week)

Hemerocallis flower

Yemei Mila (Eight Days Before the Circumcision)

Papaver seed pod

Yemei Mila (Eight Days Before the Circumcision)

Papaver seed pod

Yerchei Leida (Nine Months
Before Birth)

Asclepias seed pod

Divrayah (Ten Commandments)

Dried Lavendula 

Kochvaya (Eleven Stars in 

Joseph’s Dream)

Leontopodium alpinum

Shivtaya (Twelve Tribes)

Corylus colurna

Midaya (Thirteen Merciful Attributes of God)

Brachychiton rupestris

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