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Isaiah Series 2016

Each print 25.5” x 15.5”

This Isiah series depicts verses from the prophet contemporized to our times. Isaiah addressed the issues of countries besieged by unbidden enemies, fear of an uncertain future and incursions by foreign nations. Today we also live in unstable times. Isaiah comforted and berated, warned and summoned the Jews of his time with a remarkably contemporary voice. In this series, the figures wear modern clothes and armaments, but soldiers have the head of Anubis (the Egyptian god of death). The women are depicted as birds in order to suspend ethnic visuals for the figures. This lets the viewers project their own time and place for the unfolding story. Both in Isaiah’s time and in our own, the ongoing political warfare erases humanity until we no longer see humans, just an enemy. Then and now, people are fleeing in order to find freedom and security. The destruction of our forests and waterways continues despite efforts to conserve our resources. In the final print, there is a promise of healing and binding. 

Your Land Before You, Strangers Devour It

Seek Justice, Strengthen the Robbed

Seek Justice, Strengthen the Robbed

Daughters of Zion Are So Vain

Behold an Evil Darkness

Each Devoured the Flesh of His Own Kindred

The Waters of the Sea Shall Dry Up

The Trees Shall Be So Few

He was Forced to Go Naked and Barefoot

With Hardship They Traverse the Southern Land

The Lord Will Bind the People’s Fractures and Heal the Stroke of Their Wounds

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