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Israel Series 2005-2006

Each panel 33” x 25.5” 

Returning to my birthplace brought an onslaught of happy associations. I created a film-still collage of these ideas and impressions in this series.

Embrace  2005

The crevassed mountains of the Golan embrace the gentle farmland, as the worn hands, still lovingly, embrace each other. 

Directions  2005

A one-sided conversation as told by Israeli hands. The hand shifts and turns with each change in mood, and each political swing, as does the landscape around us. A statement on the mutability of both man and nature.

Sisters 2006

The complex relationship of the forest is reflected in the complex intertwining of the sisters. One sister leans on the other for support, as the forest twines in on itself.

Changes, changes... 2006

The hands tell the story of a life of hard manual labor, a biography full of change. Surrounding them are those simple objects and exper-iences which are eternal; the steps in Jerusalem, the beach in Tel Aviv the cypress forever standing.

Invasions 2006

Hands roughly subjugating smaller hands, invading the space of the child. So too, small invasions into security are perpetrated in nature and every day experiences. Inspired by Israeli politics and the closeness of the enemy.

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