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Chad Gadya
One Only Kid Series 2017
Each print 8" x 11”

Chad Gadya is the last song in the Passover Seder. It is a cumulative but is darker in meaning than as is Mi Yodea.  The destruction wrought in the song has been interpreted as referring to the different nations that have conquered the Land of Israel with God being the final arbiter of life. It was written in a mix of Hebrew and Aramaic. The tune has its origins in medieval German folk music.  I have chosen to set the scene in the Judean hills. In each successive print the background has a foreshadowing of the action to come. For example, in the second print the money is paid in the foreground while the goat is seen in the distance.

Chad Gadya

One Only Kid

Dzabin Aba 

Dad Payed to Buy the Kid

D’Achal L’Gadya
The Cat Ate the Kid

D’nashach L’Shunra 

The Dog Bit the Cat

D’hikah L’Kalba

The Stick Beat the Dog

D’Saraf L’Chutra

Fire Burnt the Stick

D’Chava L’Noor

Water Quenched the Fire

D’Shata L’Maya

The Ox Drank the Water

D’Shachat L’Tora

The Slaughterer Slaughtered the Ox

D’Shachat L’Shochet

Slaughtered the Slaughterer

HaKadosh Baruch Hoo

The Holy Blessed One

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