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Golem Series 2017

Each print 16" x 13"

This is my feminist interpretation of a classic Jewish fable of a humanoid created to help a town in crisis. Set in contemporary times, Rabba Loew (in the original story set in the 1800’s it was a male Rabbi Loew) has created a massive Golem from the granite quarry nearby. She has brought him to life by engraving "Truth" (Emet) in Hebrew on his forehead. After toiling endlessly for months, the Golem destroys the town in understanding that he will never be fully human and never fully free. The last print in depicts Rabba Loew after she destroys the Golem. She has etched away the first letter of “Truth” off his forehead and left the word "Dead" (Met) instead.

The Rabba Brings Golem to Life

Golem Toils to Fortify the Town

Golem Rebels and Destroys the Town

Rabba Destroys Golem

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