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Tap Root


38" x 62"

This project was inspired by my increasingly fear ridden witness of societies ripping apart. This is my response to the rending of countries, nations, cultures and religions. Standing ground is sundering apart the bonds of our society. As proven by our DNA, we humans are all related. 

As many times as we have been forcibly uprooted, we have set down new roots and sprung up anew, changed and marked by our new land. Yet, our roots bind us one to the other creating a strong international web which holds us all together no matter how we present above ground. 

As a transplant to the United States,
I too, feel the tug of roots elsewhere as much as I feel firmly planted here. In the words of Israeli poet Leah Goldberg,


With you I was transplanted twice

 with you, pine trees, I grew –

roots in two disparate landscapes.

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