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Living With the Cure
Underwater Plants 2019

Each print 15" x 9'

As an avid gardener and swimmer, I decided to join my two loves and explore the deep underwater reservoirs for plants with curative properties. In this series, I explore the plants, the diseases they cure and the humans who benefit. I specifically searched for diseases which are common, deadly or adversely affect humans to a crippling degree. This series was influenced by the awareness that global warming and pollution are killing off sponges in alarming numbers. Without these sponges we may not have the cures which ravage us humans in the future. Additionally, I did this series to highlight the importance of the research done by marine biologists and lab scientists in finding cures for disease.


The six prints refer to sponges or underwater plants and show the diseases they cure or keep in remission. The center and most important part of the prints are the lives that are carried on throughout the world, amongst all nations, religions and peoples.

Playtime together

Plant: Dysidea fragilis

Fungus: Candida albicans candidiasis (thrush)

Anti-fungal properties were found in this sponge found on the coasts of Britain and Ireland

4 Anti-fungal_Dysidea.jpg

Enjoying Some Tea

Sponge: Chribrochalina Spongia Disease: Streptococcus Pneumonia Bacteria 

An antibacterial agent against drug-resistant pneumonia has been found in this sponge


Kicking the ball 

Sponge: Cymbastela concentrica

Disease: Plasmodium parasites of malaria

The basis of anti-malarial drugs, this sponge has helped multitudes combat a common disease

2 Anti-malaria_Cymbastela m.jpg

Showering after the Workout
Sponge: Halichondria okadai

Disease: Cancer cells surrounding a healthy cell

The anti-breast cancer drug Halichondrin B was created from this sponge


A Hug after A Long Day
Sponge: Tectitethya crypta, 
Disease: HIV virus

The retroviral drug AZT was isolated from this sponge after many years of research 

6 Retro-viral_Tectitethya.jpg

A Tender Moment

Plant:Theonella spongia lithistide

Disease: Deep vein thrombosis

This useful serine protease inhibitor found in this sponge is useful in stemming inflammation 

5 Protease Inhibitor_Theonella.jpg
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