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Botanical Folktales
of Healing Series 2016

Each print 16" x 20"

This series illustrates folktales from around the world which focus on an herbal remedy. Despite although mankind uses botanical cures internationally, it was quite hard to find specific stories which detail the cures. These eight stories from Chinese, Tanzanian, Native American, Polish Chasidic, Scandinavian, Venezuelan, European and Hungarian, origins create a wonderful basis for the images.

Mother’s Brother and His Sister’s Son: Lingzhi Mushroom from China

Mma Mkwe: Mango Bark Tea from Tanzania

Mma Mkwe: Mango Bark Tea from Tanzania

Sparkle from Primeval Iniquity:
Foxglove from Polish Chasidic lore

Root Medicine:
Asclepias root from the Pawnee of North America 

Archangel Michael and the Monk:
Angelica from Scandinavia

The Magic Eagle: Dittany plant from Venezuela

King Laszlo and the Arrow:

Gentian from Hungary and Croatia

Achille’s Cure: Yarrow from European Myth

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