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All prints 8.5" x 12"

This series was inspired by the sudden death of my mother. As I walked in the forest, I noticed how the shrapnel left by trees that were shattered by wind or another tree seemed to still preserve a semblance of life.  This series also represents how a human life continues even once the actual body is buried. The root system of the tree stump continues to grow and sometimes will spring up new shoots that create a healthy new tree. So too, the memories of the departed create new wellsprings of creativity and love.


Sundered in her Prime

The lush tree that suddenly shattered retains a vestige of life, as a hint of the earlier life of the tree emanates from within. 

2 Between Life and Death©2021m.jpg

Between Life and Death

As our focus shifts to the remaining trunk, we can see a corpse fully evolving and sinking into the
root system.

3 Death Becomes Her©2021m.jpg

Death Becomes Her 

The corpse gets absorbed more fully into the trunk sinking into the roots and simultaneously creating a new root system which reflects the former spirit of the tree.

4 Regeneration©2021m.jpg


The old tree has now completely died. The root system has spawned a new lush tree which is being watered by the descendants of the old tree. The cycle of life continues. 

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