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Folktale Series 2006

Each panel 33” x 25.5” 

My parents are both Holocaust survivors and this greatly formed my childhood.iIn 2006, we decided to go to their birthplaces and see for ourselves where their tragic history took place. It was jolting for them as returnees and it was jolting for us to see the countries that so abused their innocence.


She doesn’t wait around for a prince to liberate her, but chops her hair off and strides about town proudly in her suit. She’s just “come out” of her spell singlehandedly. 


She tearfully leaves her Mama. After her assault by the wolf, she is transformed into an awkward adolescent mournfully watching her story play out again with another happy little Red, entering the forest. 


Gretel’s story shows abandonment in the wilderness, followed by a tussle between good and evil in the witch’s suburban garden. The price of victory is high since we see Hansel and Gretel are still walking into the horizon in their golden years, their trauma never led them to separation nor rootedness. 

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