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Eshet Chayil Series 
(Woman of Valor)
2008 and 2009

Each panel 9" x 24"


Studies based on excerpted lines from the Biblical poem Woman of Valor which is sung in traditional Jewish households on Friday night by husbands. “Who Shall Find?” is a portrait of my mother in her 40’s, the setting is New York City.  “She does him good not evil” a reminder to the man that whatever she may present him is meant in kindness (takes place in an American suburban home). In a kibbutz field, “Envisions a field and buys it”,  at the end of the day, she does not stop but toils unendingly in her chic dress as the bread of laziness is not far off... “Belts her hips” is the international symbol for all women’s strength, fleeing to save their children. “Extends her palms” shows her actively finding food and gathering it. “She fears not snow...”, she blithely knits protection and love for her family’s life journey in Wisconsin’s Kettle Moraine. “Strength and bravery” shows my great-aunt an early Israeli settler, draining the swamps, fighting the British, smoking till her last days. “Give her the fruits of her labors...” takes place in an imagined Eden in the north of Israel, as the now unsteady yet still proud figure of the aging woman comes through the “gates”. 

Woman of valor (Eshet Chayil), who shall find?   2009        

She envision a field and buys it, from her palms she plants a vineyard.   2008

She stretches her palms to the poor and extends her arms for the destitute.   2009

Strength and bravery are her clothing, she laughs at her demise.  2008

She does him good not evil   2008

With bravery she belts her hips and strains her arms.   2009

She fears not snow for her family is clothed  in scarlet wool.   2008

Give her from the fruit of her labors

and let her be praised in the gates by her deeds.  2009

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